We help people produce bespoke biodiversity action plans for villages, towns, businesses, schools, farms and other places.

As well as being based on best practice, the approach laid out in each plan is always very easy to implement.

Wild Work can give you the following In producing a biodiversity action plan:

  • Provide in-depth information about biodiversity features of interest in terms of flora, fauna and habitats associated with your site.
  • Identify all sensible actions based on cost, time and priority, that can be implemented on-site to benefit nature and people.
  • Outline the types of Wild Work activities and projects best suited to your site.
  • Provide information on how to implement the actions you chose.
  • Offer consultation and advice at development and implementation stages.

The Wild Work Approach

Read about the The Wild Work Approach to Biodiverity Action Plans which is the result of a student project conducted by Kinga Szalecka during a structured learning placement with Wild Work.

Completed Community Biodiversity Action Plans