Wildflower Seed Banks

Our Wildflower Seed Banks project is aimed at developing a model for community-based production of wildflower seed, utilising the stock of skills and assets of farmers.

Wild Work is working to establish community-based seed bank sites in conjunction with farmers in the county to propagate native plant varieties.

The project will also demonstrate best agronomic practices in seed production, incorporating aspects of seed cultivation, preservation and storage. 

Sowing Seeds

Wild Work Native Wildflower Seed Packs

A large part of our work involves distributing native wildflower seeds at educational events.

If you received a pack of wildflower seed from us, you could play a part in helping re-establish wildflower meadows!

Find out more about the wildflowers included in your pack of wildflower seed.

Looking for information on how to sow and manage wildflowers?  See our Guide: How to sow and manage wildflowers