The Wild Work toolkit is a resource for people from community, business, farming, education and state organisations; people who wish to learn about Wild Work action in the Irish landscape. There is also a junior version for Primary Schools. The toolkit has been created as an output from the 2022 Wild Work Cooperation project. It is currently undergoing some fine tuning and technical upgrades. The toolkit will be made available and shared with those interested in the very near future. If you would like to be notified when it is ready, then please contact [email protected].

Why an Online Toolkit?

E-learning has many benefits:

  • Portable: Access the Wild Work toolkit from your laptop or mobile device, wherever you are
  • Self-paced: Learn at your own pace, when it’s convenient for you
  • Flexible: Choose which activities interest you and return to them in the relevant season

Inclusive: Take advantage of built-in accessibility options such as audio captions

What's in the Toolkit?

Wild Work’s online toolkit supports you to do Wild Work when roaming through nature at the weekend, in your day job, at school, or managing the green spaces that you’re responsible for.

The toolkit is a mix of hands-on outdoor activities and interactive e-learning to give you the foundational knowledge to become a Wild Worker.  You can dip in and out of the topics based on your interests, or you can complete an entire topic to gain a broad understanding of Wild Work.

You will be given access to the online toolkit when you register for the in-person Wild Work training.

The Wild Work toolkit contains three different parts:

  1. Introduction to Wild Work
  2. Wild Work in Action
  3. Junior Wild Work

In each of these parts, there is a place for you to upload pictures of your own Wild Work so 

you can share your experiences and connect with others in your local community and beyond!

Introduction to Wild Work;

Learn about the relationship between biodiversity and people’s actions.  Explore the factors that shaped the Irish landscape.

Introduction to Wild Work is designed to reinforce and build on what you learn in the Wild Work in-person training courses, but all the activities can also be done completely stand-alone.


Wild Work in Action;

Wild Work in Action gives you new hands-on skills to support nature, and gain more benefit from being connected to nature.

Wild Work in Action is designed to reinforce and build on what you learn in the Wild Work in-person training courses, but all the activities can also be done completely stand-alone.

Junior Wild Work;

Junior Wild Work is designed with younger learners in mind, including the child in all of us!

It can be used by teachers, after-school clubs and families to explore ideas about how people and nature depend upon each other, and what younger children can do as Junior Wild Workers.  Each module includes hands-on activities out in nature, opportunities to learn about biodiversity, and moments of inspiration and reflection.

Junior Wild Work includes a range of cross-curricular activities for primary school-age children, Subjects include citizenship, values and health/self-care, science, biology, chemistry, health, history, geography, art and creative writing.  

Activities in Junior Wild Work are stand-alone, so you can pick and choose what to do.

Resources for teachers and youth leaders will be available from September 2022.

Wild Worker Cohorts

Grow your understanding of nature and build Wild Work into your lives with the help of our interactive e-learning toolkit.


Are you an Irish Enterprise interested in connecting with nature? Wild Work can help strengthen bonds with your communities.


Do you and your community want to develop action projects to increase local biodiversity? Wild Work offers you the tools.


Do you want to do Wild Work on the land you manage and care for? Come learn, share and inspire yourself and neighbours to do wild!


Teachers, students and parents, become a wild student again! Wild Work offers immersive learning for all ages with place-based and e-learning opportunities.


We welcome our farmers who work with the land. Wild Work brings opportunities to work wisely with nature and people.



Do you manage an outdoor public amenity? Wild Work offers practical tools inviting people to learn from the land.