Developing our relationship with nature in the places we live, work and play

Nature needs our help, but not as much as we need nature. 

We face crises in Biodiversity, Climate Change and Mental Health; but there’s ample evidence that our relationship with nature is hugely important for the health of people and the landscape in which we live.  

Wild Work’s Pathways to Nature project aims to nurture these relationships by helping people to discover new ways to meaningfully connect with the natural world.

Learn simple ways to tune into nature that can be experienced regularly and shared with friends and family. 

Share your appreciation of nature with others and gain insight and inspiration from the nature resources that surround you every day. 

Become more equipped to tap into the benefits of nature wherever you are… 

Learn about new special places to experience nature in your local community, and rediscover old ones. 

Trail Development, Recreation and Tourism