100 Actions for Nature is a list of actions that has been developed out of the Wild Work Cooperation Project  which was delivered in 4 LEADER territories by SECAD, West Limerick Resources and Cavan County Local Development in 2022/23. 

The actions have been produced by a collaborative process involving SECAD and its partners in Limerick in Cavan, together with approximately 600 project participants. 

The actions cover key areas regarding the biodiversity and climate crises and provide a blueprint of how a Local Development Company can best tackle and support efforts on these issues via a bottom-up local approach.

Actions relate to citizen science, pollinators, trees, water quality, birds and other aspects of biodiversity, innovative approaches such as virtual reality, as well as health, community well-being, capacity building, complimenting other nature investments and linkages across business, education, state, community and farming.

More information to follow…