Emagine are creating a Virtual Reality experience for the Wild Work programme. This experience takes in the location of a woodland and a meadow setting. We will highlight seasonality of a location through stereoscopic video and images collected.

Virtual Reality is No Gimmick

We use Virtual Reality to help digest course curriculums. This immersion leads to a more focused learning experience. Virtual Reality allows an innovative integration with traditional learning techniques.

Commune With Those Who Know Best

Emagine are also collaborating with the course curriculum experts. We arm ourselves with an intimate knowledge of the learning goals. Together, we record ecological points to add to the Virtual Reality application. This will add an extra immersive layer to a learner’s biodiversity experience.

Students as Participants

Students in the Wild Work programme will create their own videos for submission. Emagine will train the trainers in this aspect.
We use best practice tips on video production techniques in our workshops. We then produce a series of videos, used by the Virtual Reality headset.

Placing the Learner at its' Heart

Following this approach, we immerse the students in their own Virtual environment. The students repeat our Virtual Reality simulation drawing them into the landscape. We expose different areas of the country at different times of the year. Learning outcomes now come from repeatable, real-time viewings. With immediate feedback, users gain a deeper understanding of the learning material. This leads to a higher level of confidence and application of knowledge in the real world..