Travelling in the footsteps of naturalists who’ve went before us,  Journey to be a Citizen Scientist takes participants out into the local landscape and teaches how to observe nature, how to interpret biodiversity where you live and how to record what you discover and share the story of the land with other people.

Participants gain skills to be able to contribute important scientific data to the conservation community, either through use of modern technology like smartphone apps, or just in the old school way with a pen and paper. The programme touches on how being a citizen scientist is an enjoyable and fulfilling way to tap into the wellbeing benefits of nature.

What The Course Involves

Journey to be a Citizen Scientist is a 4-day programme. It can be run in the same week, or spread over time. Online sessions are also possible. The programme can be adapted to suit all ages and abilities and can be successfully used as a way to bring people together, like an inter-generational, or cross-cultural project. It’s ideal for schools and academic groups at every level. A great way to become a Wild Worker!