Wild Work

Wild Work is an initiative with a social ethos that was set up to help people, help nature, help people. We have been doing Wild Work since 2017 and we are still growing…

What We Do

Nature Is Everybody's Business

Nature is facing a number of serious challenges. Throughout our landscape, we need to conserve, protect and reinvigorate biodiversity. Wild Work is an initiative to help you, help nature, help you. By working together to sustain nature and biodiversity, we are creating something special to benefit our people, our communities and the places in which we work and live.

All around us, there are numerous natural places that are not being used to their full potential; with Wild Work this potential can be realised – creating beautiful connections – not just ecologically – but between business and community to bring wildness back into people’s lives.

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A Social Ethos

Any income generated through our work is re-invested to help people, help nature, help people.

It is our hope that people who become part of the Wild Work movement will enjoy helping nature and our environment, as well as having the opportunity to socialise with others and benefit greatly in terms of health and well-being.

Above all, we aim to make a big impact by fostering people’s goodwill to ensure that our local flora, fauna and habitats are protected, valued and enhanced.

We believe our collaborative approach with business and communities will prove successful in benefiting biodiversity, our environment and our society; a society dependent on nature for its prosperity…

Become A Wild Worker

Wild Work is open to people of all ages and abilities. If you see yourself in one of the categories below, get in touch.







Wild Work is an initiative from SECAD Partnership CLG


Helping People. Help Nature. Help People

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