Wild Work

The Wild Work in Action theme most relevant to you as a Farmer is Seed Saving, but we invite you to explore all the other themes in Wild Work in Action, and pick and choose the activities that most interest you.

You also have access to the entire Introduction to Wild Work.

Once you log in to the toolkit, go to home page for cohorts – choose which one describes you best. 

Farmers Toolkit

Step-by-step guides support your valuable work in promoting biodiversity on your own farm and places this in a wider context of how this helps improve Irish habitats.

Gain ideas and practical skills for building Wild Work into your own farmland management, and learn how this spread the benefits beyond your own lands, for example by:

  • Incorporating wildlife strips to encourage local plant growth and using this as a local source of wildflower seed
  • Learning a simple technique to investigate the water quality in your own streams so you can work to help improve this
  • Greater involvement in local village and countryside enhancement schemes

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